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The Battle in Paradise

Each ticket can only be active for one user in the LEVR TV app. However for our debut event, every purchase comes with a bonus ticket so you can attend with a friend! After all, sports are best watched together 🙂
General admission tickets for the event "The Battle in Paradise" cost $19.99. We have a limited amount of tickets, so be sure to get yours now before they're gone!
The Battle in Paradise takes place on October 23rd at 7pm AST. Log into the Oculus Quest 2 app before that to make sure you don't miss anything.
The Battle in Paradise will feature Black Ink Crew’s Van Johnson versus Social Media Influencer Gorilla Season. Several other matches will take place, and the lineup can be viewed on our PPV homepage.
LEVR TV will be shooting the immersive content on-site in the Virgin Islands, with production led by industry-defining 360° creator Hugh Hou. Pre-recorded footage in 8K resolution will be mixed in with the real-time 4K video streams and distributed over Wowza’s Streaming Cloud to fans who manage to land one of the limited-availability tickets.

Watching LEVR TV

You will be able to view LEVR TV events and hop into our brand new VRENA (VR Arena) using the Oculus App Labs app. We will be emailing the link to download the app to our newsletter subscribers once it is available. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss out!
The LEVR TV app is for the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset. It allows fans to live stream 2D and 360° videos in VR sports bars and stadiums. While only available on Oculus Quest 2 right now, we are working on cross-device support for upcoming events on both AR and VR headsets.
Look for our newsletter sign-up at the bottom of any page. By entering your email, you will receive important updates about upcoming events and releases on the LEVR TV app.
LEVR TV is a unique way to watch your favorite boxing events in a new virtual space. Feel like you're a part of the action and excitement by watching the matches up close instead of on TV. Watch remotely together with family, friends, and other boxing fans all from the comfort of your own home.
If you have problems with the stream please restart your router and make sure there are no other people connected to your wireless network. Additionally, restarting your app or headset may help to improve the quality of the stream Please contact us if your problem persists.

Event Tickets

Tickets can be purchased using the "GET VRENA TICKETS" button on the PPV page. To navigate to that page, please click on PPV in the menu at the top of the page. The "GET VRENA TICKETS" button is located under the event name.
Event tickets will be emailed to whichever email you use to purchase the tickets. If you pay for the tickets using PayPal, the tickets will be emailed to the email associated with that PayPal account.
For our first event, the Battle in Paradise, we are offering a free additional ticket for every purchase. We believe this event is best experienced with others, so if you know someone else with an Oculus Quest 2, make sure to include them in the fun!

Payment Information

Yes, absolutely! Along with Venmo and PayPal. You will be able to view and select your desired payment option when buying event tickets.
We offer refunds up to 24 hours after purchase. Any requests after that will unfortunately not apply for a refund.
If you see that you have paid multiple times for event tickets, please contact us immediately at mail@levr.tv. We will work with you to identify the problem payments and issue a refund for any excess money paid.

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